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About Us


In business for over 20 years, we offer a variety of entertainment services for parties and special events. We provide pro audio, lighting, and large screen projection for backyard, poolside, park, and community sites as well as all types of indoor settings. 

Who We Serve

We create events to serve a variety of markets, from individuals hosting private events to educational, business, corporate, municipal, hospitality, and nonprofits. 

Our Work

Outdoor movies (parks,backyards, poolside), Theme parties, Celebrations, Weddings, Receptions, Business Social and Holiday events, Employee customer appreciation events, Downtown Development and Main Street events, Art gallery receptions, Live sporting broadcasts (football, boxing, derby), Tailgate block parties, Halloween parties, Mardi Gras parties, St. Patrick's Day events, Video gaming parties, Quinceaneras, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Children's birthday parties, 80's-90's Disco parties, Music Video dance parties, Rolling Stones multimedia tributes, Brewery parties, Educational programming for Schools/Colleges, Country Clubs, Churches, Retirement Communities, Fundraisers.



Consultation, Scheduling, and Planning

We are here to assist you to optimize scheduling and event location.  We offer industry knowledge and experience to help you plan a great event. When feasible, we may make a site visit prior to the event or request photographs if needed. Be advised that all outdoor movies are a dusk start.  As an entertainment provider, we do not market or promote the client's event.  Event invitations, advertising, and attendance are fully the responsibility of the client.


Contract & Pricing

After scheduling has been confirmed by the client, a contract will be issued specifying date, time, services, crew, and fees. The contract must be signed and mailed, emailed, or delivered in person along with a 30% deposit. Upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit, the event date is reserved. Signed contracts are legally binding for both parties. Event cancellation due to weather must be made 48 hours prior to event. Rescheduling due to inclement weather must be made within 10 days of original event date. Like many companies, we are unable to publish prices because each job has a unique set of variables. These include travel time, fuel and expenses, crew (as needed), advance arrival and setup, duration of event, and event breakdown.  We strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss your project and budget. We will work with you.


Producing the Event

We will arrive early to set up and troubleshoot.  If desired, we will play set up music prior to the start of the event for the benefit of site staff and early attendees. A technician will be onsite at all times to run the event, oversee safety and security, and troubleshoot as needed.  At the conclusion of the event, we will break down, remove all gear, and leave behind a clean site. 

Signature Events

We offer three signature events: Family Entertainment, 80's Takeover, and Stones Takeover.  

A downloadable flyer is available for each using the links here.   

Rolling Stones Tribute Party

Over 50 years of the greatest rock n' roll music and the band's legendary tours. Backstage, onstage,

Stones Takeover: All Stones, All Night

Over 50 years of the greatest rock n' roll music and the band's legendary tours. Backstage, onstage, and in rare form.  Aside from outdoor movies, this party is our signature event. 


Starting You Up

It all starts with the Stones music, doesn't it?  We rock you all night long with Stones classics, as well as many of the band's love songs, ballads, and jams with other world-class musicians. This set list doesn't get any better. 


Midnight Ramblers

Over 5000 images.  That's right, we have curated over 5000 images of the original Midnight Ramblers you've heard about: the Rolling Stones. As one of the most photographed bands in history, we offer an incredible show of images and music videos. Using large screen projection in multiple locations at your event, we present a visual feast of Stones images from around the globe, spanning over five decades. Think glitter, satin, private jets, recording studios, stage lights, and more... 


Rolling Stones Tribute Party (continued)

Shine a Light


For the Stones Takeover, we customize our event lighting to transform your venue.  We use an array of exterior and interior lighting, image projection, moveable lights, trusses, and other options.  See examples in our Photo Gallery. 

Beggar's Banquet


The Beggar's Banquet is a food bar where guests refuel with the party food of your choice, allowing you to serve as a responsible host. We are creative collaborators when it comes to refreshments and product tie-ins.

Get Your Rocks Off


Get Your Rocks Off is the beverage bar for your guests.  Get Your Rocks Off bars have featured product branding, such as Brown Sugar dark spirits tastings and amber craft beer samplings from named suppliers, as well as shots of Keith's favorite, Jack Daniel's.  

Get Yer Ya Ya's Out


We have helped hosts brainstorm and offer fun party extras such as body painting, costume props, tongue logo buttons, Stones trivia lists, and more.  

You Gotta Move


If a dance party is your thing, we can up our game.  Get your moves ready, and get your groove on with some of the most danceable music ever.



Our beverage bars have also featured craft cocktails, using names of Stones songs or phrases from the band's lyrics. Think Street Fighting Man, Sticky Fingers, Crossfire Hurricane,Torn and Frayed, Mother's Little Helper, or Monkey Man.    

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